Yuan Bao

By Sau

Heaven Knows Your Heart

Aloha We created this service because we felt there was a need for an easier way to commit to returning the virtue that heaven has so generously given to us. We wanted the options to be easy to handle for every budget.

Heaven knows your heart. Whether you honor a little here and a little there or subscribe to one 16 petal flower or two 108 petal lotus flowers, Heavens heart will be moved equally. Let us show heaven our gratitude in return for all we have received.

This paper is ordered special from Asia. It takes 1-2 weeks to arrive.

The paper for each 108 petal lotus cost almost $20

Each Lotus Flower takes 2 hours to fold and prepare.

108 Petal

Quanyin Lotus Flower

Sau chants The Da Bei Zhou or the Tao Immortal Classic while she is creating your sacred "virtue return to heaven."

Each Petal and Lotus Flower is Hand Made

to order

$60 per Lotus

1-99 Lotus per Month

Volume discounts apply

16 Petal

Two-Tone Lotus Flower

Each Lotus Flower hand crafted with love and attention to detail

Choose 1x request or monthly subscription

1-99 Lotus per Month

1-99 Lotus per Order

A Personalized Request of Forgiveness may be Requested and added to Each Flower

When you place your order you will given an opportunity to honor your gratitude or request for whom or what the Yuan Bao is for. This note is then printed and attached to each lotus flower prior to the special ceremony that is initiated by Master Paul or Master Porsche.

These are subscription options.

Click the arrow to see options for volume discounts

All subscriptions can be cancelled or changed at any time (up until the when ceremony is completed.)

Service for all

We look forward to serving each of you

Your sharing of this service to Master Sha students is deeply appreciated and as you know will bless their lives as well.

We strive to do a ceremony every week.

We will advise you once the ceremony is completed.

Paul 808-784-8113

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email: asoulhealer@yahoo.com